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About us

Agora Príncipes Infant School, founded in 1993, and Agora Granada College International School born in 1999, are private, international, bilingual and secular schools located in Granada where we offer a personalised and continuous education from 0 to 18 years of age.Focused on an international and bilingual education, it is oriented towards the globalised world and with special attention to education in values, always prioritising personalised attention to each student and their specific needs.The main objective of both centres is to provide the tools for pupils to build their own learning and to educate them in the values of respect and tolerance, self-improvement, responsibility and social commitment. The teaching is mixed, plural and open, respecting the different beliefs and religions of each family, thus awakening an enriching dialogue. All of this helps students to achieve their dreams, providing them with a life-long learning that will enable them to live and work anywhere in the world.

Our methodology

Student education is not only focused on academic development, but also on personal development. The personal ethical dimension is fostered through the discovery of values and the formation of attitudes, which enables the student to learn for life.

The educational programmes at our private schools include quality content in different areas. We firmly believe that languages, sport and technology are essential to promote and enhance the skills of our students, instilling values such as teamwork, the desire to excel and companionship.

Our facilities, equipped with everything necessary to meet the needs of our project and comprehensive training at each stage, play an important role in our methodology. Our aim is training people capable of achieving academic and personal success. 

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Families, Pupils, Teachers and Alumni  


At our schools we believe that the family is a fundamental pillar in the learning process of our students. We believe in a constant, joint and triangular relationship between the school, the students and the families, involving the latter in such an essential stage as that of their education.

We promote communication to create an environment of trust and enrich bonds in a close, personal way, adapted to the needs of pupils and their families. The aim of Agora Granada College International School is to develop a harmonious bond, where families are aware of each and every decision which concerns the pupil, and at the same time are fully aware of how the school works as a whole.

The family-school relationship is essential in order to make joint work possible. We focus on educating in the academic field, on developing people to be part of the world and always without forgetting the values we want to transmit. We try to ensure that pupils have responsible freedom, accepting and assuming their responsibilities and the consequences of their actions, that they are capable of analysing what is happening around them and that they learn self-control and self-discipline.


Students grow up in an environment where internationality and multilingualism are emphasised, allowing them to learn different languages and values and to open their minds in a tolerant and respectful way. The curriculum is supported by sporting activities, music and art so that pupils develop added value for their present and future.

Moreover, creative thinking is developed from an early age and during all stages of education. They learn to think independently with the help of the new technologies that are so present in the information and knowledge society in which we live.


As part of the family, at the school we work with selected teachers who are responsible for transmitting their enthusiasm and passion. Each pupil is an individual and unique being, which is why we offer personalised attention with support programmes that promote motivation, stimulation and self-improvement. We make each student the protagonist of this complex process of development.

English is the school's flagship language and for this reason many of the subjects are taught in English. Teachers teach entirely in English and ensure that pupils also communicate with each other in English. In order to provide the best possible language teaching, we employ teachers who are native English speakers or bilingual, or who have spent long periods of time in English-speaking countries.


The former pupils of Agora Granada College International School are a clear example of the triumph achieved after years of hard work, effort and dedication. We are proud to see that their comprehensive preparation has successfully guided them towards their professional and academic future and, above all, that they have grown as people with values such as respect, effort and companionship.

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