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A letter from the head

Dear parents:

"Agora Granada College International School is a bilingual, private and plural school, in which we work with our students to exercise tolerance and freedom, always within the democratic principles of coexistence, thus harmonising, at each and every one of the different stages of their education, quality teaching combined with bilingualism, sport, music and ICT... all activities which are present in the daily lives of our students and here, at the school, from Infant Education to Baccalaureate.

We develop our educational commitments with the support of a team of professionals: managers, teachers and administrative and service staff, with a high level of professional competence and with great enthusiasm and dedication to the educational project of Agora Granada College. Furthermore, I invite you to visit us and get to know our unbeatable facilities, the resources and didactic means with which we work, where the design of the school environment and the pedagogical innovations provide an added value to the teaching-learning process of our pupils, guaranteed and recognised in our years of experience in the world of education.

Those of us who dedicate ourselves to education, those of us who are parents, know that when it comes to the education of our children, nothing less than excellence is enough for them, and we are aware of the effort that this decision entails for families. That is why I would like to address myself especially to you, fathers and mothers, to express our willingness to ensure that each of our students can reach their full potential, personal development and preparation for the society of which they will be a part, as responsible, happy and caring people.

Welcome and thank you for trusting in the Agora Granada College educational project."

Javier Jiménez Ortiz
President of Agora Granada College International School

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