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Globeducate: Shaping the world

Globeducate is one of the 5 most important school groups in the world, with more than 60 schools in 12 countries, more than 40 years of experience and a community of more than 40,000 students. In Spain, the group has more than 10 private schools in Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, Castellón, Valencia, Bilbao, Coruña, Vigo and Granada.


Globeducate´s educational vision is based on four fundamental principles:

Educational Excellence

Our schools guarantee that each student receives individual attention and an all-round development. We carefully design and create opportunities to ensure that each student discovers and develops his or her skills in a positive, nurturing and enriching learning environment.


Skills and Competencies

Our schools develop skills and competencies beyond the purely academic. Our students are encouraged to participate in the many artistic, musical and sporting activities on offer. Several of our campuses have integrated music academies, visual and performing arts centres or focus on promoting sporting excellence.


Globeducate schools place the development of character as an essential part of the learning journey for the development of a fully rounded, well-educated young adult. Our students develop creativity, self-confidence and perseverance and they learn to respect and appreciate the ideas, perspectives and values of others.

Global Perspectives

We use language as a tool for inter-cultural experience and we support our schools with exchange programmes and international events. Our schools are culturally and linguistically diverse, allowing us to cultivate a truly global approach to prepare our students for working within an international framework in the future.

Our mission is to prepare each of our students to become a global citizen who can shape the world.

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