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Agora Príncipes Infant School campus

At Agora Príncipes Infant School we believe that each pupil is different, and that their previous experiences, interests and possibilities must be the starting point for their education.

Holistic approach

As not all pupils have the same capacity to acquire and consolidate their own learning, at Príncipes we respect the personal learning pace of each one of them, providing them with their own precise time. We approach the attention to the diversity of our pupils from two different but complementary approaches. On the one hand, teacher-pupil intervention, respecting individual differences, and on the other hand, establishing organisational forms in the classroom and in the school.

Our school is committed to a methodology of working in corners. Working in corners means organising the class into small groups that simultaneously carry out different activities. Organising the class in corners is a pedagogical strategy that responds to the basic needs of the child or, in other words, it is an attempt to improve the conditions that make possible the active participation of the child in the construction of his or her knowledge. We allow children to choose the activities they want to do within the limits of sharing the different possibilities with others.

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