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Educational Offer

Through the educational offer at Agora Príncipes Infant School, which covers 0 to 5 years old, we build the basis of all intellectual learning and establish the foundations for later academic and personal success. Although we learn throughout our lives, it is at this stage that everything begins to make sense, hence the importance of the work of our teachers, who transmit a passion for learning to the children on a daily basis.

Infant Education is, without a doubt, the most important stage in a child's development. It is at this stage that the foundations of the whole educational process are laid. Our educational offer allows children to become active and protagonists of their own development, people who are listened to and whose potential is encouraged so that they can be the discoverers of the world, always under the watchful eye of the great professionals who watch over their learning, helping them to develop their abilities, accompanying them with gestures of affection, tenderness and understanding.

Our educational offer is based on an investigative, active and creative school where students are the real protagonists of their learning!

First cycle

It is a stage brimming with tenderness, curiosity, restlessness and fantasy. The daily dedication of the teachers ensures that the basic needs, care and integral development of our pupils from 0 to 2 years of age are covered.

The working methodology during the first cycle of infant school is based on learning where the teacher plays a fundamental role in accompanying the pupils to trace their own path, providing different sensory and stimulation activities so that they can develop their psychosocial and cognitive capacities. Some of the many activities we develop at Agora Príncipes Infant School are psychomotor skills, music, English, plastic and artistic expression, manipulation, and special dedication to working on habits.

During the first cycle of Infant Education, the children at Agora Príncipes learn to:

  • Start to have habits and routines, developing their independence according to their needs..
  • Become familiar with the English language, as well as their mother tongue.
  • Learn about the environment which surrounds them, understand it, and manage easily in it.
  • Facilitate learning through experimentation and working with their hands, coming to their own conclusions.
  • Broaden their circle of relationships, and integrate with others.
  • Create emotional links between children and adults.
  • Help and collaborate with others.
  • Gain confidence for their development and independence, dealing with social and emotional wellbeing and establishing personal values to shape themselves as people
  • Be autonomous and recognise themselves.

In the first cycle of Infant Education, our role is to stimulate intelligence through their skills and through play. At Agora Príncipes Infant School we know that every child is special and unique, and that they don’t all learn in the same way. Each child has his or her own pace, for this reason we respect and encourage their personal development independently.

Second cycle

From the second cycle of Infant Education, with pupils from 3 to 5 years old, and with the last year taking place at Agora Granada College, total immersion in the English language is introduced and prepares the way for internationalisation. This is an educational stage which aims to contribute to the physical, sensory, intellectual, emotional and social development of the children, as well as the habits of body control, language, communication, learning about coexistence and social relationships, reading and writing, etc.

During the second cycle of Infant Education, the children at Agora Príncipes learn to:

  • Pay attention and follow structured activities to develop their confidence.
  • Use language with clear pronunciation and use complex phrases.
  • Begin in the world of literacy: start to read, write, and narrate.
  • Use more and more sophisticated strategies to solve problems.
  • Understand the world which surrounds them.
  • Enjoy social activities, and friends.
  • Understand the importance of sharing.
  • Be capable of managing self-control techniques.

In the second cycle of Infant Education, the pupils at Agora Príncipes Infant School become true explorers of their environment, and begin to establish the bases of learning and an international character, which can be reinforced at Agora Granada College International School.

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