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Educational Project Proposal

At Agora Príncipes Infant School children grow up happy, playing and discovering their abilities in a warm, familiar environment, accompanied by a team of teachers and bilingual specialists who are passionate about their work.

 A few vital years to sow in them a passion for learning, through a methodology of corners, creative and experiential, in which they acquire a foreign language in a natural way and discover their body and everything around them.

We work to stimulate intellectual, emotional and motor development, preparing them for the learning which they will do later on, and which they can continue at Agora Granada College International School. Thanks to our methodology, we contribute to children's development and learning in areas such as communication, emotions, interest in reading, letters and numbers, physical dexterity, discovering the environment, creativity and values.

Emotions are a fundamental aspect in our children's centre, as we want them to learn to identify their emotions and those of their classmates, understanding that there are no good and bad emotions and that what is important is knowing how to name them and manage them. The children also gain confidence to begin to express themselves and talk to others, working on listening and communication. Although many do not yet know how to write or read, they have their first contact with the world of letters and numbers and their interest in reading is strengthened through stories and play activities.

The corners methodology

  • It encourages children's freedom of choice. The children choose the activity they want to do at any given moment and the teacher supports them in all the knowledge they are going to acquire.
  • It favours the individuality and socialisation of the children, as some activities are done individually and others, such as in the group corners, they have to participate in socialising and reach agreements with their classmates.
  • It develops responsibility and autonomy. All the children learn to be responsible and to accept the rules while at the same time gaining autonomy, as all the material is within their reach and they have to use it and return it to its place so that their classmates can find it.

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