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Infant Education

The start of the educational process is quintessentially focused on the Infant Education stage. In this period, pupils can assimilate the knowledge, skills and strategies necessary for later years.

Through stimulation and communication, we help them to build their self-esteem, to manage their emotions and to maintain the effort to continue expanding the knowledge acquired during infant education. That is why we work in indoor and outdoor environments and emphasise play, exploration and reflective, active and creative learning. At the school we value each student's personality and unique learning style. At all times, both teachers and families feel accompanied and advised by the Educational and Psycho-pedagogical Department.

Our campus

Agora Granada College International School

  • Students from 6 to 18 years old.
  • Located in a spectacular location in the residential area Llanos de Silva, 18230 Atarfe, 20 minutes from Granada.

Agora Príncipes
Infant School

  • Pupils from 0 to 5 years old. 
  • Located in a comfortable and quiet residential area 5 minutes from Granada, in Calle Granados 14, Urb Monteluz, 18210 Peligros, Granada.

Agora Granada College International School

At Agora Granada College we continue with the second cycle of Infant Education, incorporating children from the last year of this important stage. Now integrated into the school, we apply our methodology based on multiple intelligences to lay the foundations of our project: learning to do, acquiring the necessary habits and developing our pupils' personal autonomy; learning to learn, knowing how to solve problems rationally and, last but not least, learning to be... to be flexible, open and understanding people, but firm in their criteria.


Agora Príncipes Infant School

At Agora Príncipes Infant School, we work with both the first and second cycle of pre-school education, from 0 to 5 years old, building the basis for all intellectual learning and establishing the foundations for later academic and personal success. It is at this stage that everything begins to make sense, hence the importance of the work of our teachers, who every day transmit a passion for learning to the children. Infant Education is the most important stage in a child's development. Our educational offer allows children to become active and protagonists of their own development, and our teaching team accompanies them with affection, tenderness and understanding.

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