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Primary Education

The Primary Education stage is more academic in nature than the Infant Education stage and works on the objectives and content of the different subjects in the school curriculum, as well as the essential values for a good personal development.At Agora Granada College International School we use a methodology adapted to the different learning processes, especially with pupils who need more attention in order to achieve good academic results and personal growth, focusing on study techniques and habits and the development of multiple intelligences. Students learn to work on projects which encourage internationalisation, cooperative work, research and a critical spirit. Agora Granada College International School is an applicant school to deliver the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate® (IB).

Our approach

In the Primary stage, our three basic pillars continue to be: languages, with a bilingual programme (50% of subjects taught in English), sport (Physical Education with activities such as football, cycling and skating) and new technologies developed through the TECNÓPOLIS PROJECT with which we have been shaping a school technologically adapted to the needs of our pupils.

The enrichment of the linguistic competence of our pupils is reinforced with the study of Chinese and French from the 3rd year of Primary School onwards.

In Primary Education pupils will develop their personality, learn skills and competences related to oral expression and comprehension, reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as developing social skills, work and study habits, as well as artistic-musical sense, creativity and affectivity, all of which are essential for the successful completion of later stages and for their personal and human development.

Communication with families is constant, either through tutorials, diary, emails or online through our digital platform. The school-family relationship is very important in order to achieve a good all-round development of the pupil.

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