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Secondary Education

Throughout Secondary Education, pupils at Agora Granada College International School hone their skills as creative, critical and reflective thinkers. The curriculum offered by Agora Granada College is broad and demanding, focusing on the different learning skills with the aim of providing all our pupils with the necessary resources to develop their critical, analytical and rational spirit. It is also a key stage for acquiring good work and study habits which enable pupils to continue their academic career successfully.

Secondary school curriculum

Our mission is to ensure that pupils not only master the fundamental skills of mathematical calculation, the fundamentals of technological development or languages, but also that they have obtained sufficient knowledge of Science, Mathematics, Music, Literature, History, Geography... A theoretical training that can be increased throughout their lives, guided by intellectual curiosity as a stimulus for lifelong learning. This level of student knowledge in the different disciplines will enable them to develop an intelligent and critical attitude towards the challenges of the future.

The attainment of these objectives cannot be achieved without considering the different aptitudes and needs of our students at this age, as well as their variety of interests when choosing their future. For teachers, it is of utmost importance to take into account the diversity of the students, seeking the personal development of each one of them, as well as individualised attention according to the needs of each student. One of the tools used is the assessment programme "Highly Prepared People", which allows the individual performance of each student and their evolution to be measured objectively.

Multilingualism is another key feature of this stage. The use of English as a vehicular language is still very present and culminates in the Cambridge external exams. In addition, we also promote the learning of a second or third foreign language such as Chinese and French.

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