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At Agora Granada College and Agora Príncipes, we prepare pupils for an international future without limits or barriers.  We offer a multilingual educational project, with linguistic immersion beyond English, which allows pupils to master English and Spanish, as well as high levels of Mandarin Chinese or French.

Linguistic immersion

Pupils experience a deep immersion in English from the earliest years to acquire the language as naturally as a mother tongue, with 50% of the subjects and activities taught in English during the Infant and Primary stages.

Our comprehensive language project is adapted to each school stage, incorporating new foreign languages, and allows pupils to learn for life, which is of great value for their intellectual and personal development. Language immersion in the Infant Education stage is of vital importance for early learning of any language.

At Agora Príncipes Infant School, we start the Language Immersion Programme in English from the First Cycle of Infant Education (0-2 years) and in the Second Cycle (3-5 years) we introduce vocabulary in English and oral comprehension of the foreign language.

At Agora Granada College, from Primary to Baccalaureate, pupils begin to study Chinese or French as a second foreign language. In terms of qualifications, pupils can take exams at the school itself to obtain the official qualifications of the University of Cambridge (English), the Confucius Institute (Mandarin Chinese), as well as the DELF certificates (French).

Cultural exchanges and stays

To complete the linguistic programme, our students have the opportunity to take part in cultural exchanges and stays in different destinations, such as the Globeducate Collège EIB Monceau Paris in France, the Wilhelm von Humboldt College in Berlin, Germany, the Maartens College in Groningen, Holland, or the Rundle College in Calgary, Canada. In addition, students aged 14 and 15 can study for a term, a semester or a full academic year at the prestigious Stonar School in England. Furthermore, Globeducate's extensive network of schools allows students to participate in international events with students from other countries every year.

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