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Sports and Well-being

The natural environment which surrounds our school and Agora Príncipes Infant School is ideal for sporting activities, which help pupils to develop and promote values such as perseverance, self-improvement, teamwork and cooperation, as well as strengthening their social skills. At our centres, sport and, above all, being outdoors, is an integral part of the curriculum, instilling in our students a passion for sport and healthy habits so that they become physically and emotionally balanced adults.

Healthy education

At Agora Granada College students can practise sports such as cycling, skating, volleyball, football, indoor football, basketball, handball, hockey, ballet, flamenco, dance, judo, chess, swimming... and there is an indoor sports hall at their disposal. Thanks to the natural environment and the magnificent location of the centre, pupils have the opportunity to practise all these sports outdoors.

At Agora Príncipes Infant School all its playgrounds, road safety circuit, vegetable garden, swings, etc. are outside with magnificent views of Sierra Nevada. Located in the Monteluz residential area, it is a quiet place with fresh air for the little ones to grow up in the healthiest way.

Sports training is complemented throughout the academic year with sporting events organised by the school and the Globeducate group, which promote sport, healthy competition and international education, such as the Globeducate Olympic Games, in which more than 500 athletes from different schools around the world compete. In addition, training in wellbeing is complemented by a comprehensive health project with which we educate in nutrition and healthy eating habits.

Dining room:

In our educational centres and for all our pupils between 0 and 18 years of age, we are convinced that in addition to sport and many other activities, it is essential that the food is balanced. The food is homemade and is prepared by cooks who are experts in child and adolescent nutrition. The centre adapts the menu daily, according to the specific needs of the pupils (allergies, special diets or illnesses) with personal attention for each pupil.

Both at Agora Granada College and at Agora Príncipes Infant School, we know the importance of offering a healthy, sustainable menu which meets all our pupils' daily needs. Working with nutritionists and carried out by our chef and his team in the school kitchen, the aim we want to achieve is to promote healthy eating habits, as part of their education.

Mental Health and Educational Psychology Department

The Guidance and Educational Psychology Department at Agora Granada College International School aims to guide and advise parents, pupils and teachers. A differential service dedicated to dealing individually with the educational needs of pupils and attending to the diversity of the pupils, collaborating with families to achieve educational excellence for each and every one of our pupils.

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