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Agora Granada College International School awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag

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Agora Granada College International School awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag

We are thrilled to announce that Agora Granada College International School has been awarded the coveted Eco Schools Green Flag. After three years of dedication to the Eco School programme, the commitment of our pupils, above all, the members of the Eco-Committees; teachers, parents and the whole school community has been recognised by the ADEAC assessment committee.

This achievement represents a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainability and environmental education.  From day one, we have embraced the challenge of becoming a greener and more environmentally conscious school. Every educational project, every practical initiative and every daily gesture has contributed to this collective achievement.

The award of the Eco Schools Green Flag is not only a recognition, but also a reminder of the responsibility we share as global citizens. We are proud to be part of a global network of schools committed to sustainability and protecting the planet.

We would like to express our deepest thanks to all those who have made this achievement possible. To our students and our Eco-committees, whose passion and enthusiasm have been the driving force behind each environmental project. To our teachers, whose leadership and dedication have guided the path to sustainability. To our families, whose support has been instrumental in this journey. And most of all, to our entire educational community, for their collaboration and commitment. Together we have shown that we can make a difference.

The Eco Schools Green Flag is more than a symbol, it is a call to action. We will continue to work to encourage sustainable practices in our school and beyond, inspiring future generations to be active stewards of our environment.

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