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“El Mundo” Ranking 2024

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“El Mundo” Ranking 2024

Agora Granada College International School has entered El Mundo's "100 best schools in Spain" ranking for the first time this year and has reached 112th position, being the first of all the schools in Granada in the ranking and standing out among the notable schools. 

The ranking "The 100 best schools in Spain" is a benchmark in the education sector in which specialised journalists analyse more than a thousand schools in detail. This process involves the application of 27 criteria in areas such as the teaching model (educational model, external recognition, quality standards), the educational offer (languages, teaching staff, activities, results) and the material resources (number of students per classroom and per teacher, spaces, facilities, services).  

Agora Granada College International School achieved a total score of 80 points out of 100 in this first participation: 29 points out of 39 for our teaching model, 28 points out of 34 for our educational offer and 23 points out of 27 for our material resources. Among the aspects valued, it is worth highlighting the excellence and academic rigour with the personalisation of the teaching process, as well as the individualised monitoring of our students' needs.   

El Mundo Ranking 2024


Many thanks to our entire educational community, students, families, teachers and non-teaching staff, for making this achievement possible!  

*None of the participating schools have paid for their inclusion or position in the ranking. 

See the ranking of The 100 Best Schools in Spain by El Mundo 

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