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Psychopedagogical department

The Agora Granada College Psycho Pedagogical Office is made up of two psychologists and two educational psychologists who accompany our pupils, families and teachers throughout the educational process.

It focuses its efforts on:

  • Collaborating with and advising teachers on the different ways of attending to the teaching-learning process of our pupils.
  • Collaborating and advising the tutors on the correct functioning of the groups, monitoring all the school's pupils through weekly meetings with the tutors.
  • Attending to the special educational needs of our pupils by working together with teachers and families.
  • Identifying any learning difficulties that may arise and proposing educational alternatives for individualised and functional learning.
  • Developing the school's Guidance and Tutorial Action Plan, as well as monitoring it, with emphasis on education in values and emotional education.
  • Carrying out periodic psycho-pedagogical reports on each of our pupils, which allows us to establish a linear monitoring of the evolution of their learning and social skills.
  • Attending all those families who request psychological advice on any educational aspect of their children.
  • Encouraging  appropriate conflict resolution through the involvement of students in the mediation project "Convive".
  • Carrying out appropriate Vocational Guidance and Professional Guidance with our pupils to enable them to make decisions about their future with the necessary and appropriate information.
  • Attending to all those needs and concerns that the pupils of the centre wish to share with the psycho-pedagogical office.

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