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School Services

With the aim of offering our students a comprehensive education without neglecting their family needs, and also to facilitate the balance between academic and personal life, Agora Granada College International School offers families a wide range of services designed for the convenience of the whole school community.

Dining room

At Agora Granada College, education is not just a classroom activity. At school, education takes place in the corridors, in the open spaces, in the sports facilities, in the dining room... which is why lunch is an educational activity of the first order, where many of the educational objectives of service, respect and responsibility come into play, which is why all our pupils eat at school every day, where they are made aware of the importance of food, and are taught the rules and behaviour at the table.

All the menus are prepared daily in our home kitchen and both the ingredients and the quantities are supervised by the Medical Office.

Every so often the pupils, in small groups and accompanied by a teacher, eat in our educational dining room where, speaking exclusively in English, our students learn the rules of table manners.

School transport

The school has a school transport service, which runs different routes around the city of Granada and the metropolitan area: Fuente Vaqueros, Illora, Peligros, Albolote, Pinos Puente, Atarfe, Otura, Gójar, Ogíjares, Armilla, Loma Verde, Cortijo del Aire, Villas Blancas, Urb. Monteluz, Huétor-Vega, Monachil, Bellavista, La Zubia, Cenes de la Vega, Gabia, Cúllar Vega, Purchil. Each bus has a monitor responsible for the smooth running of the service.

The transport service is optional and the total price is divided into ten monthly payments from September to June both included. However, transport may be used on some occasions, subject to availability of places. To do so, families must apply to the school secretary's office to check the availability of seats.

Changes of route may be made, provided that there are places available and they are notified before 3:00 pm. Likewise, parents who come to pick up their children and do not use transport on that day must inform the school, also before 3:00 pm.

Transport is considered at Agora Granada College as an extension of the school, so the rules of coexistence and education will be the same as those which exist at school: boarding in an orderly manner, being seated throughout the journey and following the instructions of the monitor at all times.

Buses are parked outside, each one in a fixed place and ordered by numbers so that pupils can easily locate it. For the good organisation of the routes and, as a consequence, to avoid delays, it is necessary for pupils to be at their bus stops 5 minutes before the scheduled time, as the buses must keep to a timetable and late arrivals cannot be accommodated.

Medical office

The Medical Office is made up of a paediatrician and a nurse who work exclusively during school hours. Among its functions are the attention of the incidents that occur daily in school children such as headaches, pain, fever (among others), accidents that may occur during the school day, as well as the administration of medication for medical treatments prescribed to students, control and collaboration with the SAS in compliance with the vaccination schedule and annual medical check-ups in which they try to prevent possible pathologies, check their eyesight, back, weight, size, etc.

Another very important function is the preparation of balanced menus, the control of special diets for children with intolerance or allergies to certain foods, and the determination of the quantities that pupils should eat according to their age.

The Medical Office is also responsible for monitoring and verifying the implementation of the Self-Control System and General Hygiene Plans implemented in the school.

Guidance and Educational Psychology Department

The Agora Granada College Psycho Pedagogical Office is made up of two psychologists and two educational psychologists who accompany our pupils, families and teachers throughout the educational process. It focuses its efforts on:

  • Collaborating with and advising teachers on the different ways of attending to the teaching-learning process of our pupils.
  • Collaborating and advising the tutors on the correct functioning of the groups, monitoring all the school's pupils through weekly meetings with the tutors.
  • Attending to the special educational needs of our pupils by working together with teachers and families.
  • Identifying any learning difficulties that may arise and proposing educational alternatives for individualised and functional learning.
  • Developing the school's Guidance and Tutorial Action Plan, as well as monitoring it, with emphasis on education in values and emotional education.
  • Carrying out periodic psycho-pedagogical reports on each of our pupils, which allows us to establish a linear monitoring of the evolution of their learning and social skills.
  • Attending all those families who request psychological advice on any educational aspect of their children.
  • Encouraging  appropriate conflict resolution through the involvement of students in the mediation project "Convive".
  • Carrying out appropriate Vocational Guidance and Professional Guidance with our pupils to enable them to make decisions about their future with the necessary and appropriate information.
  • Attending to all those needs and concerns that the pupils of the centre wish to share with the psycho-pedagogical office.

Early Arrival

Agora Granada College has an Early Arrival service for those families who need to leave their children before classes start. The Early Arrival service starts at 8:15am. At the request of parents, it can be used for a full hour or half an hour from 8:45h onwards. During this time the pupils are looked after by a monitor until it is time for classes to start.

Family guidance

Agora Granada College is aware that each family is unique, special and different. However, when it comes to educating children, we find common objectives, among many others: to develop in them the values which help them to live a full life, to promote a free but responsible will so that they act correctly as good people, to enable them to think, create, disagree, communicate and live together.

However, parents often do not know how to face the challenges of educating their children on a daily basis, so they need to acquire the necessary skills to do so.

Family Guidance is one of the resources which Agora Granada College places at the service of parents to improve these skills, while at the same time serving as a means for families to participate in our educational project. Its sessions take place throughout the school year from 3.45pm to 5.15pm on the corresponding Fridays.

In these sessions, we address topics of general interest that are often requested by families, and we use the information that neuroscience brings to our field to deal with each topic we work on in a rigorous manner. We always try to provide the families who attend each session with practical tools so that the content covered can be put into practice and contribute to greater success in educational work.

Thank you to all parents for allowing yourselves to be accompanied on this path that unites us: the education of your children, of our students.
We learn how to educate. Together it is easier to achieve it.

School shop

Agora Granada College International School provides families with a shop where they can purchase school uniforms, the necessary sportswear, pick up textbooks and reading books and a large number of items related to the school.

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